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TRY LIGHTBOX. This is a special offer to try out interactive ebooks. These ebooks have videos, read-aloud features and Google maps. They are really wonderful if you are trying to learn about something. Click HERE.

To log in:  

Leave LOCATION box as it is.

For SCHOOL box.... type in Follett eLearning, McHenry, IL


Hey Liberty Students,

Are you at home, a little bored, you want to learn more, AND YOU WANT TO SHOW OFF?bYE. 

Grades 3-6: Try this WORLD BOOK ONLINE comparing activity.  This is Ms. Houtz’s lesson and I am waiting for you to share with me (still waiting….)!

Grade 2:  Be a Smarty: Try these simple and fun activities on World Book Online.

Grades K-1:  Try these fun World Book Online activities. They include games and read aloud stories. Have fun. Tell a dog, cat, stuffed animal or even your parents 2 things you learned today.

Parents, Students and Staff: WHEN CAN MS. HOUTZ BE REACHED?

I will check my email weekdays (maybe not Spring Break week) that we would normally meet from 9-11 am.  I wil likely check more often, but these are hours that I will look for your questions or work you want to share.

For students wanting to participate in LIBRARY CLASS online, I am hoping to have a TEAMS page set up soon, just like your classroom teachers will have. This will be a place for lessons,and writing back and forth. TEAMS feels like using Facebook, but it would be limited to only Liberty students.

I miss you all.


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Try the Sora reading app. Our district has purchased a few thousand popular digital books that you can easily access through Sora.

You can also download this app onto your laptop, tablet or phone to enjoy from home. Students can log on using their regular district computer log on (their district ID and whatever password they currently use to log onto computers at school).

To limit reading material to elementary aged students, change the audience to “juvenile.”  Go to Preferences on the left of the blue strip toward the top. Be sure to save the setting.





Wednesday, October 9    3:00-4:30

Thursday, October 10    1:00-7:00 pm

Friday, October 11    1:00-6:30 pm

(If you can not make these hours, please come by during school hours. You may have to wait to make a purchase if Ms. Houtz is with a class.)



Participate in BATTLE OF THE BOOKS. Our school will compete against other elementary schools in February.  Students who will be in fourth, fifth and sixth grade in the fall can start reading these books NOW. Find these books at our library or the City Library. Also included is the middle school list for our current 6th graders heading into 7th grade.  MAKE SURE YOU READ BOOKS FROM THE CORRECT LIST. Read all the books on the list and be ready to answer simple questions to prove you read them. You can do it!

For more information, contact Ms. Houtz in the library.





Our Community Profiles

Members of our community have been interviewed, photographed and written about by sixth grade students.

Meet Ms. Pinto and Ms. Peel



Need a little help with your homework?
Brainfuse offers live tutors, an online writing lab, test prep and more for students of all ages and abilities.
Visit Brainfuse to learn more. 

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Let Ms. Houtz know about your reading interests. Click this link to take the survey.



Learn about the history of our state from the Utah Division of State History! See their great maps.


Need ideas for a science fair project?                                                                                                            

When is the district Science Fair?   February 6-8 2018

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